Property survey

A service for new property buyers which is invaluable.  It is a full check on all paperwork connected to a property prior to purchase.

Property valuations and assessments

Any kind of property valuations/surveys and assessments carried out as well as descriptive and safety and solidity certificates for properties and or commercial premises.

Necessary documents that are required for an assessment: To assess a living accommodation/property: an up to date ‘Nota Simple’ (informative note from the land regisrty) or a copy of the title deed of the property. To assess commercial premises: an up to date ‘Nota Simple’ (informative report from the land registry) or a copy of the title deed of the property as well as a copy of the opening license of the premises.

The various purposes of a valuation or property assessments: If you are looking to purchase a property, a plot of land or even a commercial premises, you will need to have a property assessment specifically for mortgage purposes, carried out beforehand.  This report is carried out by an independent Surveyors/Technical Architects office that must be convalidated by a Spanish Surveying Company.  It expires within six months of being issued, and once this period of time has elapsed, an updated report is required in order to make use of the original report.

Should you wish to know the value of a certain property, plot of land or of or a commecial premises and building, you will need a different survery report that the one mentioned above.  You will require an assessment for the purpose of a simple current market consultation. This last type of survey report is not valid when applying for a mortgage.  It only provides information regarding the actual and current value of the real estate.  These kind of surveys are usually requested when comparing the sale price with the current market value at that time.

CERTIFICATES Safety and solidity – this is a certificate that is requested upon the opening of a new business (commercial premises), in order to reasure that the premises have the correct and adequate distribution, and that it has the necessary security measures in order to carry out a business.  These documents are also prepared when a property has not been correctly registered, or simply un-registered.  The purpose of this certificate is to ensure that the property has the correct distribution required for a house and that it fulfills the necessary requirements for an accommodation (i.e. water, electricity, plug sockets, telephone connection, tv, windows, ventilation, etc.)

Descriptive – this is a certificate that describes the actual situation of the property, by means of a plan and measurements, however it also describes the condition in which the property is in – the conservation of the same.  It can be used to verify the instalations of the property inself before purchasing or in other cases, to register the correct amount of m² of the property should it be the case.