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Have your say in your community

Are you satisfied with the policies and plans adopted by your community (communidad)? Or do you feel you are being railroaded by a few individuals, or a system that you don't understand? We can help you understand everything that is being planned by your community,...

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Digital signature

"Taxes don't need to be taxing!" A line from the UK goverment ad for the inland revenue.  And today the same is true in Spain and the Canary Islands. You can obtain a digital signature and access all your tax records online.  In many cases you may be able to do your...

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Fiestas & Public Holidays

What exactly are these 'Fiesta' dates?... They are national public holidays which occur in the Spanish territory and Canary Islands.  Although most of them coincide, there are some dates which are exclusive to the Canary Islands only. Please take a note, since public...

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Back to small?

Recent changes suggest that there is a possible move to go back to the smaller more manageable size of Residencia document for extranjeros (foreigners) living in Spain. We will keep you posted of these developments and will be ready to work with all foreign residents...

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